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Why I’m Feeling Uncomfortable with Some of the Women Spaces Online

For years, I’ve positioned my brand and business as being for “women.” My colors were more “feminine” and even the language and messaging I used were to “speak” to entrepreneurial women. I had several clients who were men so I didn’t think I need to be more accommodating than that. My perspective was always “my voice is my voice and either you resonate with it or you don’t.” I’ve come a long way from who I used to be and in that growth journey, I’ve had to confront how I am contributing to the social issues that aren’t in alignment with my values.

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My name is Vicky and I am the head empress around here. I’m a mid-life Gen X’er with a soft spot for 80s music, the Yankees, and road trips.

As a storytelling strategist, I empower multi-passionate folx to organize their vision, leverage their voice, and create offerings to align with purpose & integrity.

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When I’m not working, you can catch me musing about the things that support my escapism habits. 😘

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