Hola & Welcome!

Let’s Get Started


I hope you’re as excited as I am to work with each other on your awesome brand & business!

Whether this is your first or 20th rodeo, I am confident we’ll get you moving in the right direction.

Let’s get right to it!

Our work will be organized in a shared Google Drive folder. Within Google, you can chat with me for any on-demand Qs and share files for us to collaborate or to get suggestions and edits.

Allow up to 24 hours for your folder to be accessible and shared with your email address. 

Now that you’ve taken the leap, I’d love to learn more about you, your big picture vision, and how you are managing your existing brand.

If you are new to working with me or if it’s been over six months since we last connected, I will need some deets from you so I can better understand who you are, what you’re building, where you are with your brand + business, and how you want to thrive.

Please have this assessment filled out at least 24 hours before your onboarding call.

Before we dig into scheduling your session, let’s hop on a quick call for an informal chat so I can get to know you better and identify your expectations for the work we’re about to engage in.

Unless we’ve already spoken about it, you need to schedule an onboarding call to get started. This onboarding call serves to establish expectations and identify your goals for our work together.

You don’t need to be on Zoom for these calls because they are done via phone and won’t be recorded.

Because of this, you can do these calls from anywhere – either in between meetings, from your car, or while you’re sunbathing at the beach.


If you have trouble finding a time that works for you, email me directly.

You can wait until the onboarding call or get on my calendar now. If you schedule your session before the onboarding call, I ask that you allow at least 3 business days AFTER your onboarding call so that we both have time to prepare for the initial session.

If you don’t, I will reschedule the session(s) with you during the onboarding call.

Your enrollment includes either one 90-minute session or one 3-hour intensive, as well as six weekly integration check-in calls.

Remember, you have access to me in between sessions and throughout the week so you can always reach out when you have Qs or want support.

I am in the NYC area, aka the EST time zone. Keep that in mind when you text or call because if we are in different parts of the world, what is considered noon for you might be 3am for me.

Email & Google Chat: vicky@therenaissanceempress.com
Voxer: @therenaissanceempress

Be mindful of how you my contact information.

I aim to respond within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. I typically do not respond on weekends so if you reach out Friday, you may not hear back from me until Monday.

In order to maintain healthy boundaries, I use Voxer for texting instead of my cell phone. You will likely have my cell phone number and I ask that you not use it to text me. I often turn my text notifications off but not for Voxer.

I also have very clear boundaries re: texting and hope you are able to honor them.

Voxer access is on a “use and it and don’t abuse it” basis.

Voxer is also web-based and centralizing our communication helps keep our conversations in one place, making it easier for us to reference details from previous texts.

If you have any Qs please let me know. I am here to support you, with healthy boundaries that respect us both.


I am accessible 24/7 however I respond in accordance with my schedule. I may respond instantly or it may take 30 minutes or 4 hours before I respond. If anything is time sensitive, indicate that in the email or text. I will respond as soon as I get a chance.

If I don’t pick up a call or respond quickly, keep in mind that I may be in a session, traveling, on a mental health break, or honoring work/life balance. 
I’m dedicating extra attention to this topic because I want to manage expectations, especially since we will be working together for a while.

I want you to be mindful not to “abuse” the 24/7 access to me with insistent texting, emailing, and calling.

I don’t charge extra if you bail 5 minutes before your session. I have a wide open door policy re: rescheduling sessions because I want to make sure you are where you need to be when we connect. 

I have a “no questions asked” policy for rescheduling sessions.

If you need to reschedule, do so as soon as you know that our time no longer works. I understand that life happens, and I rather you reschedule when you’re able to be fully present and ready to go than show up distracted or unprepared.

Don’t feel guilty about rescheduling a session if you are not where you want to be when we’re scheduled to connect.

If you need more time, take it. I’ll wait.

In the meantime, grab some chai or Bustelo, get your journal, and get yourself prepared for our time together.

I look forward to working with you!

Vicky A.