Creating Acronyms To Process Life

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I look for acronyms with everything. I incorporate them into my work because as a strategist it helps position my expertise. But also, acronyms are a core value for me in some way because breaking down words helps create frameworks.

I like order.

I love structure.

I live in a spreadsheet of unattainable goals striving for perfection while knowing it’s all an illusion, likely crafted as a trauma response.

Lately the acronym I’m fixated on is MEH.

Because MEH means whatever.

MEH means neutral but with a side of bullshit.

MEH is short for melancholy, at least that’s the vibe I get.

But what if we could reframe MEH?

What if acronyms were an opportunity to rewrite the story of what a word represents?

What if MEH could stand for MANIFEST EMOTIONAL HEALING instead of reinforcing a feeling of defeat?

What if MEH was a chance to connect with the inner child who hides in our shadow. And instead of leaning into self-defeating thoughts we embraced tending to the wounds that are flaring up?

Imagine taking those moments of MEH as an intuitive download with breakthroughs and realizations sent to evolve our existence.

Maybe then those MEH moments could have purpose.

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