Freedom Means Taking Mini-Adventures

These 2 weeks I want to take on little adventures. I’m sitting here peeping the cover of a Condé Nast TRAVELER magazine and swooning over the imagery of some far off place with amazing mountains, amazing ocean and the RIGHT reflection of the mist hugging the frame.

I want to go there!

I want to go anywhere.

That’s the emotion this cover elicits from moi, intentional or not.

I had a memory the other day of a conversation I had, at least 20 years ago, with family members. I was in high school and I remember my aunt asking me what I wanted. I don’t remember if it was re: life, my birthday or Christmas.

My answer at the time was “FREEDOM” because that word has always been top of mind for as long as I can remember.

Now, as an adult, my core desired feelings come back to FREEDOM because that’s a feeling, state of mind and state of being, all rolled into one.

I crave to feel free and it’s something I will always chase.

So these next 2 weeks will be about chasing adventures to spark feelings of freedom.

Because I’m a multi-tasking chica, I will pair these adventures with photography so that I can make some good use of the pro camera I got earlier this year. That way I’ll have a reason to go somewhere different and act like a peeping anti-social person, taking pictures of randomness, people and scenery.

My adventures list are as follow:

Brooklyn Bridge: because as a life long New Yorker, I have NEVER walked the bridge. So it’s time.

Staten Island: because the view of the NYC skyline while visiting the forgotten borough is spectacular and the ride is also relaxing.

Hoboken: because it’s the part of NJ I actually like but can’t bring myself to justify the Manhattan prices for rent.

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