Are You Creating in the White Space?

In design, white space is the generous use of nothing. It helps break up all the colors and copy. White space keeps order and it makes heavy layouts cleaner.

Minimalism design is white space in excess. There’s little copy and even fewer graphics. Fonts tend to be thin and the colors are usually black and white.

Think of white space as untouched by clutter. In design that’s how white space is used. It’s purpose is to be clear of anything that might make a website from looking all rachet.

Whatever your industry and whatever your niche, you’re one of hundreds if not thousands – if not more. You either conform to what everyone else is doing or you go against the grain in the hopes that you make an impression.

But what about the white space?

What about the untouched areas in your industry + niche?

Are you creating in the white space, where no one is playing?

Ever get sloppy with a coloring book when you were younger? The first crayon sets the tone. It usually defines how the other colors are chosen. If you pick blue, you might not pick another blue. You might just go for red. Then yellow, then purple.

However if the blue and red look perfect together you might say “f*ck it” and leave it as a red/blue coloring.

Burnt sienna never had a chance.

Neither did cornflower.

Both niche colors are customize versions of their respective brown and blue.

This is what we’re told to do. We’re told to be burnt sienna and cornflower. We’re taught to be different, our very own special brand of “authenticity.” I do it. In the Crayola world I’m Salmon.

There’s nothing wrong with being a different color in the box of crayons. Everyone has a different color palette preference and as long as you’re sharp, someone will pick you.

But it’s not enough to be Jazzberry Jam or Wisteria or Mint Green or Taupe.

What if you decided to use the white space instead?

When you color within the lines, you create the image that was already pre-determined for you. That sunflower, although looking all funky with it’s wild colors is still a sunflower.

To be truly different is to innovate and re-imagine how you’re “supposed” to be.

In life, there’s white space everywhere. You just have to figure out how to use it wisely so that coloring is seen as “Avant Garde.”

A single black dot on a 4×6 canvas can sell for thousands if the artist has a compelling story that resonates with the right people.

[bctt tweet=”Creating in the white space is not about disruption. It’s about creating in a place no one expects.” username=”vickyayala”]

It’s about creating in a space that most are choosing not to. By nature, we’re pack creatures. It’s in our DNA to go with the flow.

As an entrepreneur, you DNA is different. By nature we are not designed to be followers.

Use that white space to create your own imprint. Don’t just stand out but redefine that thing you do that.

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