Define the Relationship You Have with Your Website


yes mercury is retrograde but so what…

Actually there’s a lot of cosmic energy in retrograde. There are 5 planets giving the impression that they’re doing the backwards tango.

You’ve likely seen a gazillion articles, IG posts, tweets and FB threads about how Mercury is gonna “EF” some ‘ish up. The planets don’t operate on a light switch. Mercury retrograde has a shadow period which is like “yo, I’m about to moonwalk around the Earth so brace yourself.”

So if you find your laptop going wonky, your travel plans getting all jacked up or your projects getting stalled then it might Mercury stepping in to give you a message.

Someone asked me if I really believed in this “stuff?” The question couldn’t have come at a better time as millions celebrate Holy Week. *side eye*

I’ve always looked at Mercury retrograde time to be a moment for reflection, to re-evaluate goals and to revisit old ideas.

However, it NEVER fails…My website has a slew of glitches.

Lately though, several clients have been having random kinks with their websites. As a recovering web geek, I find myself having some heart to heart conversations with myself.

This Mercury retrograde has me reassessing the relationship I have with my website. While I am not switching platforms anytime in the foreseeable future, I feel like we need couples therapy.

Me and WordPress are going through a rough patch. I’m not looking to get a divorce. I’ve had enough one-night trysts with Squarespace to know that I will NOT being putting a ring on that. But we are having some issues and we are sorting through them…together. *wink*

All of 2017 I’ve been asking myself “Is this a good use of my time?” anytime I have to do something with my website, brand or business.

This is something you need to ask yourself during this Mercury retrograde period. Is [fill in the blanks] a good use of my time?

Troubleshooting websites is only fun for geeks who love spending 16 hours in PHP code. At one point in my life that was how I loved spending my days.

Nowadays I’ve grown past it and in shifting how I spend my time, website fixes have become more of a pain in the ass than getting a thousand splinters in your writing hand.

For years I was in a co-dependent relationship with my website.

I always felt the need to work on it and in return it always felt the need to break down on me when things were going well.

You know what I’m talking about. That plugin won’t work so you spend 2 hours chatting with the developer via email, another 3 hours perusing countless forums looking for help and a weekend re-evaluating if you really really really need the website in the first place.

When you find yourself re-evaluating the relationship you have with your website, take notes on…

  • What do you need your site to do?
  • Where are the hiccups with your site being able to accomplish what you need it to do?
  • Can a third party provider accomplish this?
  • Who can you outsource to in order to alleviate yourself of having to troubleshoot?

Identify what your time is worth and align yourself with the resources that will help you honor and respect that.  

So…what kind of relationship do you have with your website?

Also, in case you were wondering…Mercury goes direct on May 3, plus a 2 week-ish post-shadow period.

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