Give Yourself a Reset

Every once in a while, we need to “control, alt + delete” our own hustle.

Call it “recharging your battery” or “self-care.” Just make sure you do it. We can’t be all about the #bossbrand without having a meaningful conversation about emotional wellness.

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with many highs and lows. There should be no shame in giving yourself permission to take a break.

We all need to disconnect in order to revitalize our energy. We spend so much time on “crushing it” that we don’t stop to wonder if the hustle could potentially be crushing us.

Yes, we all know that Beyonce has the same 24 hours in the day that we all have but what becomes problematic about this perspective is that we value output, above all else.

There is nothing wrong with having ambitious goals and in order to achieve them, sacrifices must be made. However, don’t forget to allow yourself a chance to enjoy the journey. Winning the gold means nothing if you end up resenting the medal in the long run.

Balance is what you decide to make of it. For some balance is not taking calls on a weekend. For others, balance is creating clear boundaries with how others have access to you.

The hardest relationship to sustain will be the one you have with yourself.

Do you treat yourself the way you would treat the people you love?
Do you treat yourself as if you were one of your MVP clients?

When you take a reset, you’re signaling to the world that you have to recharge in order to operate at full capacity.

When you take a reset, you’re creating healthy boundaries with your own high-achieving self.

One of the most important things you can do with your brand + business is identify what your seasons are.

  • Do you work best in the summer, fall, winter, or spring?
  • When do your customers often buy from you?
  • In your niche, are there certain times of the year where your products or services are in high demand?

Identifying your seasons will give you a chance to schedule reset times into your calendar so you can plan accordingly.

Is business slow during summer?

Then perhaps a reset bootcamp in the middle of August would be perfect. *hint hint*

We all respond to triggers differently so how you reset will vary.

Below are some examples for how you can reset your hustle and give yourself a chance to breathe, sleep, and chill TF out.

If you can take time off then plan a weekend retreat or go away for a few weeks, by yourself.

Going with friends is great but if your friends are also fellow entrepreneurs then are you really ever going to be “OFF” mode? Use this time to reconnect with yourself.

Batch 4 weeks of content and put everything on auto-pilot mode.

Using Planoly, or other platforms like that, you can pre-schedule content to go to IG and Facebook. With Mailchimp, you can pre-schedule newsletters.

Most website platforms allow you to also schedule when posts go live. If you’re using Woocommerce, Etsy, or Shopify you can also pre-schedule sales.

The point here is you don’t need to always be “ON” to run your brand + business.

Automate automate automate!

If you’d love to reset but you can’t take dedicated time off then let’s go old school: create + stick to a daily routine.

Routines give you structure. Structure gives you focus. Focus allows you to have tunnel vision.

Tunnel vision keeps you from veering off where you’re not supposed to go like 4 hours of browsing on Pinterest looking for the perfect tulle skirt.

Turn off your laptop an hour or two earlier than usual.

Our digital devices are the portal to workaholic-landia. Resist the urge of being on 24/7 by minimizing the access you have to your own hustle.

Wake up an hour earlier and don’t do sh*t for that hour.

Seriously, go veg on the sofa or stare at the ceilings from your bed. Make that one hour mindless nothing time for yourself, guilt-free.

Aside from all the emotional health benefits of resetting yourself, there are the other takeaways like figuring out that you don’t want to keep doing what you’re doing.

When you pause to reset, you get a sense of clarity that you don’t often have when you’re in workflow mode.

Taking a pause to reflect on how far you’ve come might bring to light that you’re no longer aligned with who you want to be or where you want to go.

Use this time to reset so you can either double down on how you’re executing your brand + business or spend some time thinking about if and how you may want to pivot.
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