Pivoting Your Personal Brand

Sometimes things don’t work out. Sometimes we have a change in heart. Shifting your business is easy however what if you have to pivot your personal brand.

How do you do a 180 with who you are?

Your personal brand is a reflection of your purpose. It’s how you want to show up in the world. When you’re pursuing your passion as a business, who you are is your competitive edge. So when you’re going through transitions and find that your “who” is changing, then your mark in this world changes as well.

I’ve found that pivoting one’s personal brand can be an emotional roller coaster if you’re not prepared for the challenges of change. Here are 4 tips to help guide your metamorphosis experience.

Embrace your CDFs.

If you haven’t read The Desire Map the go get your copy and take a weekend to go through the book and the exercises in it. When you have your core desire feelings (CDFs) then it makes any changes to your personal brand much easier to integrate. If one of your CDFs is to feel free then you can let those desires lead how you pivot your personal brand.

Your CDFs will determine your what.

My CDFs are: seen, inspired, freedom, love, alive & magikal.

Honor your core values.

There are certain things that we value which define our character. When these values align with our CDFs then our purpose is that much stronger. Dig deep to figure out what do you value the most.

Your values will determine your why.

My core values are location independence and creativity.

Cultivate your tribe.

Birds of a feather build legacies together. Find like-minded peeps and forge relationships with them. You will need support from people who “get” you. These are the peers who will guide you through your pivot. They will talk you off the ledge, walk with you through the storm and lend a helping hand when you find yourself dangling off a cliff.

Your tribe will determine your who.

Keep a daily journal.

For some writing is an outlet and when you keep a journal this can be your form of therapy. However a journal serves a greater purpose as you navigate the entrepreneurial journey. A journal helps you track your trajectory in a way that’s authentic to the actual experience.

When we write in hindsight, we tend to overlook details that could be important. We tend to forget how we felt at the time. The present becomes a filter from which we write about the past. It’s just not the same.

Keeping a daily journal allows you to capture your feelings and details at that very moment so that when you reflect back you can see the most honest representation for your experiences. Your daily journal will also give you insight into your patterns and how you best operate.

Your daily journal will determine your how.

These tips are designed to keep you from having panic attacks at 3 in the morning. Pivoting your personal brand is a life-changing process, one that could be freakishly AH-MAZE-ING. Everything happens for a reason so if you find yourself changing who you¬†are, don’t worry.

This most likely means you’re on to something much better than what you originally had in mind for yourself!

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