What Are The Cycles for Your Brand + Business?

When are you going apple picking?

I’ve gone a few times, in my lifetime. The first time was an experience in itself. It was also the first time I went camping, in October when it was cold, rainy and very much Fall like.

I’m more of a “Troop Beverly Hills” kind of gal so the idea of “roughing it” without modern technology was not my idea of fun. However, the highlight of that experience was apple picking.

I love apples. Caramel apples, baked apples – put it in pies, juice and martinis. I was probably a beloved teacher in a past life.

The autumn equinox was last month and I’m feeling the shifts in season. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Even our planet goes through it’s own cycle. It’s as if Mother Nature uses this time to nurture herself with rest and relaxation.

What are the cycles for your brand + business?

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere then the autumn equinox means less daylight. As an entrepreneur this means changing my schedule.

The spring & summer months give us the visual stimulation of activity and energy. I’ll work outside more, soaking in the Vitamin D. I people watch, in a non-creepy way, to get inspired and feel connected.

Now, as the daylight hours get shorter I look for ways to keep the energy level up while the environment around me feels laid back and relaxed. Living in the Northeast means that not only do the daylight hours get shorter but the weather also gets colder.

This means no more hanging out at the park for hours reading my book and limited time working at the outside cafe. Of course I write this as I sit at an outside cafe! #irony

Unfortunately this also means that the dark side of entrepreneurship can also emerge in full force. For me the dark side shows up as isolation, depression and social anxiety.

If you find yourself dealing with the season in non-productive ways, then try these tips to keep your momentum going so you can stay on track.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

One way to stay focused is to be in forward thinking mode. What are your plans for the holidays? If you’re in the business of selling something then NOW is the time to be planning for the holiday season.

The holiday shopping season is kind to all types of brands + businesses. Whatever you’re positioning your brand to sell, take advantage of the energy that comes with wanting to gift someone something awesome.

  • Discount your signature offering
  • Create a special bundle for multiple orders

Schedule Monthly Google Hangouts

When it’s too dark AND too cold to venture out, you’ll find it easier to stay home. However, that doesn’t help with getting you the visibility you need to network for your brand + business.

So if you’re opting to not go out, then bring the people to you in a virtual setting. Setup your Fall / Winter schedule and bring your people together, from the comforts of their own ‘puter.

  • Run monthly group coaching calls.
  • Interview industry peers and take questions via Facebook Live.

Nurture Your Brand & Gear Up for the New Year

Now’s a great time to take a class or training, for your personal or professional development. Others get to go back to school so why not you? With that knowledge, schedule some quiet time and go into your hive.

Brainstorm on some new offerings and create the materials for it. Hibernating is not just for bears. Use this time to incubate your brand so that you can enhance your business offerings.

  • Cultivate a new program and launch it for the new year.
  • Redesign your website with features that give your visitors a kick-ass user experience.

Time flies pretty fast. Before you know it, we’ll be counting down to the new year. Take advantage of this season and manage your brand + business accordingly.

Be in proactive mode so that you can harness your audience’s behavior trends and leverage them to work in your favor.

If you need some assistance with your incubation efforts, let’s talk!

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