Your Signature Mark Should Leave an Impression


My “THING” is acronyms.

We all have a “THING” that we do. It’s how we do what we do with our own special sauce.

Personally, I love acronyms. They allow me to create structure and focus. As much as I am right brained, I’m also VERY left brain in my approach and using acronyms is like the best of both worlds. I get the methodical structure I am known for and combine it with the creative masterminding that makes me good at what I do.

What is your “THING?”

Your “THING” is part of the imprint your brand leaves. It gives others a heads up that this is your mark and this is how you roll.

Your “THING” incorporates 5 elements because…you know…I’m the acroynms chica!


What are you showing others with your brand imprint? How is your “THING” teaching others how to be, live, or work?

Even if you’re not in the business of offering your expertise, your life serves as testament to your values and core beliefs. So when you live by example you are in essence teaching others how to be their best self.

Behind all the fluff words and cliche terms, what is your truth? How are you being honest with yourself so that you’re not inviting others to drink some toxic kool-aid?

Whatever industry or niche you are in, your authenticity is needed. This is not only the best way to stand out but it’s also the only way to lead with integrity.

We are all born creative so how are you bringing that to your brand? What is the innovative way that you are working your magic?

We all have our own quirky mojo that allows us freedom to be expressive. Are you tapping into that? Are you letting others see your freak flag? In a world where others want to be vanilla, you have the chance to be pistachio. Be pistachio.

While working your hustle, are you aligned with what comes naturally to you? Are you a square peg trying to fit inside an octagon? Do you speak like yourself or does your copy look like it could be on anyone’s site?

This is your chance to define a brand voice that is unique to you. When you look at others for inspiration, be careful not to allow their style to become yours.

Above all, your “THING” should be designed to guide people where you want them to go. What is the journey you are taking them on? How are you serving as the guide in their entrepreneurial or life hustle? What wisdom are you offering?

If you’re not offering a service just yet then what is the conversations you want them to have? A great brand knows where they want you to end so they meet you where you’re at. Whether you’re at A or F or M, a great brand knows where you want to go and will join you on the journey to Z.

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