What is Your Signature Hook?

I’m no stranger to Starbucks. I feel like it’s my unofficial office. I go to the one in Cranford, NJ pretty regularly that they all know me by my first name and I get my sandwiches on a nice little plate.

It’s gotten to the point where they don’t even need to ask me what I want. It’s a chai tea latte with no water because it’s ALWAYS a chai tea latte with no water.

They got me to try the “lite” version once and no thanks. I like my sugar, thank you very much.

It wasn’t always a chai tea latte with no water. It used to be a combination of various coffee type drinks but sometime in October 2010 I decided to quit coffee for good. The random heart palpitations and withdrawal migraine headaches helped inspire the change.

I have NOT looked back. 

BUT I needed to replace the addiction with something else so I took up chai tea lattes. It has the awesome spices and caffeine. I went from soy chai lattes to water-free chai tea lattes because once I found my sweet spot, that was it.

So for the past few years it’s been a chai tea latte (hot) with no water.

This is my signature drink.

With a chai tea latte as my signature drink, anywhere I go needs to have a version of this drink. Starbucks is great but it’s an expensive day-to-day habit and not all cities have a Starbucks.

So when I’m visiting a mom and pop kind of cafe, I look for the chai tea latte.

When you’ve got a signature “thing” and you’re invested in it, you actively seek it out.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the signature experience you offer with your brand + business?
  • How do you want people to feel when experiencing your brand + business?
  • What makes your brand + business irresistible? 
  • Who actively seeks you out and why?
[bctt tweet=”The key to having a kick-ass brand is to create a signature experience that’s memorable, captivating, and engaging.” username=”vickyayala”]

You are not just building a business with your brand.

You are cultivating relationships with people who crave what you offer.

First you need to decide if you’re the $1 coffee from the busy corner cart or the $5 chai tea latte from the bourgeois franchise.

Then you need to create an experience that leaves the kind of impression which results in loyal customers.

If this sounds like something you need support and guidance on, then let’s talk!


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