What the Wizard of Oz Can Teach Us About Building a Brand

Somewhere over the rainbow should be the mantra of every one with a dream.

Whether we’re greeted with flying monkeys or a pot of gold, that rainbow represents optimism, fantasy and the other side.

  • What if somewhere over the rainbow we found everything we ever hoped for?
  • What if somewhere over the rainbow we found everything we never wanted?

When you break down The Wizard of Oz movie, the parallels that work of fiction plays to the realities of entrepreneurs is rather fascinating.

Everyone plays a role, good and bad.

Are You Toto?

Dorothy’s dog, Toto, is a bit unruly. He likes to pester strangers and doesn’t seem to have manners. Toto marches to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think.

Despite the consequences, such as being put to sleep, he goes out barking YOLO like the true reckless spirit that he is.

If this is you beware of flying monkeys, electric potholes and bitter evil bitches, I mean witches.

Are You Dorothy?

She’s a bit selfish, no? Self-responsibility is not at the top of her list either. Rather than take ownership for her unruly dog she flees to join the circus. Naive too.

Had she opted for the bus into NYC instead she would have been greeted with pimps. Her blind optimism is great until it’s not. When you run from your present you find yourself lost.

If this is you beware of poppy seeds, angry trees and strangers who want to stalk your ass.

Are you Glinda?

Talk about pretentious? So you’re the “good” sister. Whatever. When you have to label yourself as good that’s usually to deflect all the bad stuff you do in the name of morality.

That bubble you fly in should speak volumes to the amount of self-righteousness you ingest on a daily basis. Aside from the fluffy dress, wand and tiara – I can’t think of anything positive to say other than GO TO THERAPY.

If this is you beware of karma, people who burst your bubble and sisters seeking revenge.

Are you the Wicked Witch?

She’s green with “envy” and power hungry. If she had male genetalia she’s be smart, successful and ambitious but because she has tits the “evil” label becomes her own. Whatever. She’s built a tribe of hardworking monkeys who do her biding and she’s unapologethic about her intentions.

Water is her kryptonite which, if you read any dream meaning dictionary, tells you that water represents emotions. So sad.

If this is you beware of the toes you step on when going up because they belong to the bastards who might stab you on the way down.

Are you the Scarecrow?

Forgetful and easily picked on? He assumes the role of victim and doesn’t seem bothered by it. He’s accepted his fate and uses the lack of brain for his irrelevance towards reality.

A piece of paper validates him which means he’ll probably spend most of his life seeking professional accolades so that he can feel important.

If this is you beware of $2,000 programs that promise you a thriving career, book smart people who have no life experience and crows.

Are you the Tin Man?

It takes a woman to give the man of tin some “oil” so he can function despite being heartless. He might have some daddy issues to sort out if he expects a strange man behind a curtain to give him the heart he needs to feel.

He’s great to have around when someone’s on the offense because tin is hard to break. And that ax he wields can come in handy when something needs to be broken into like a bank.

If this is you beware of rain, running out of fuel and emotionally needy people who remind you that having a heart might be overrated.

Are you the Cowardly Lion?

The last time I spoke publicly about a lion someone got pissed. It made me realize that Lions really are pussies, in more ways than one. There’s no crying in entrepreneurship. Suck it up or get a job.

The king of the forest is a big role to live up to and the expectations can be overwhelming. If you don’t like it then let Darwinism do it’s job and hope you don’t come back as a mouse in the house of a cat hoarder.

If this is you beware of surprises, the real world and people.

Are you the Wizard?

Do you hide behind a curtain ¬†and let the world think you’re bigger than what you really are? Do you leverage illusion to get what you want? Do you give others what they need in the hopes that they appreciate what they have? If so then you are the wizard! Congrats!

No one will ever need to see what happens behind the scenes because you’re too busy distracting them with magical horses, castles and make-believe.

If this is you beware of dogs, needy people who want more and hot air balloons.

Are you a Flying Monkey?

No one ever appreciates the worker bee. The one who does their job without complaining. The one who flies around without questioning authority. You never get the happily ever after. You’re only called when something needs to be done.

No one respects your role enough to give you lines yet you’re being asked to do all the grimy stuff no one would dare want to dirty their hands doing. Pobresito!

If this is you QUIT.

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