003. What Identities Are You Emotionally, Financially, and Socially Invested In?

Life is about bridging the gap between these two questions – who are you vs who do you want to be.

How many times have we had to pretend to be somebody else in order to get what we want?
How many times have you used the phrase “fake it until you make it?”

So much in life is binary and as we collectively shift perspective to incorporate a more holistic and fluid approach, we have to individually confront the ways in which we restrict ourselves from personal and professional growth.

Nowadays creating any kind of brand requires radical honesty about the imprint you want to leave. Identities are how we move in the world. It’s the hats we wear as professionals. It’s how we organize our place in society. It’s how we allow others to classify us.

Identity is how we were taught to find purpose, belonging, and worth.

There was a tipping point and it could have been the pandemic. People had to reimagine what their daily life could look like and a lot of people had an awakening about how they wanted to move forward with their careers.

Are you cultivating an identity that resonates with who you want to be or are you creating an identity that accommodates how others want you to be?

Who you are IS your competitive edge and you don’t have to choose or compromise your vision and integrity to succeed. There are a lot of people making it happen on their own terms with both their audacious and imperfect selves. If they can carve out a lane that is unique to them so can you.

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