002. Welcome to Pisces Season

Pisces season is your permission slip to be expansive with your intuition. Use that energy wisely. Over the next few weeks, work with the energies of Pisces season as you navigate the next…

001. Behind the Renaissance Empress Name

It’s been a really long time coming BUT I finally got around to recording the introduction episode for this podcast. It is only fitting that I use this episode to talk about…

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Sometimes Bruja. 🔮 Always Quirky.

My name is Vicky and I am the head empress around here. I’m a mid-life Gen X’er with a soft spot for 80s music, the Yankees, and road trips.

As a storytelling strategist, I empower multi-passionate folx to organize their vision, leverage their voice, and create offerings to align with purpose & integrity.

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When I’m not working, you can catch me musing about the things that support my escapism habits. 😘

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