The Importance of Knowing Your Work Flow Style

I had opened up WordPress to write this post and 3 hours later I am actually sitting down and writing in distraction-free mode, although I do have Bizarre Foods playing on the TV in the background. Don’t judge. I do recognize and appreciate the irony.

5 years ago this would have set me back. I would have guilted myself into oblivion. Self-sabotage would have been in peak form and I would have shaved a few years off my happy days from the perfectionism induced anxiety.

“I suck” would have been what my inner critic whispered lovingly in my ear because she knows that the angry voice wouldn’t have made the criticism believable. Now, I’m a different person because I’ve learned to embrace my own work flow style.

We are our worst critics, and that’s saying a lot given how many trolls peruse our social media profiles on a daily basis. We look at what we don’t do and hold those imperfections up to an unrealistic standard because someone said “X” and we assume “X” is supposed to work for us too.

Which is why I hate sleeping past 8am despite having fallen asleep at 4am. (Insomnia sucks!)

Which is why I feel like crap when I don’t get a gazillion likes on a post that took me an hour to make pretty.

Which is why I change my website as often as Mercury goes retrograde, which is also when you’re NOT supposed to be committing to technology changes.

[bctt tweet=”Honoring our own rhythm is the best thing we can do for our brand, business, and emotional wellness.” username=”vickyayala”]

This includes your work flow style.

Are you the kind who has 50 tabs open at any given moment?

Are you the kind who needs pure silence to write?

Are you the kind who can get by on 5 hours of sleep?

Are you the kind who can work at a messy desk?

There’s no right or wrong way to getting your hustle on. Whatever works for you is the work flow you need to stick with. It sounds pretty easy but for many it’s not.

Honoring your rhythm means:

  • Starting your work week on Tuesday because you can’t get into the groove on Mondays.
  • Unfollowing anyone who does what you do because you don’t want their work to influence yours.
  • Disconnecting Twitter from your phone so that you don’t get pissed off at some BS trending news.
  • Creating custom playlists on Spotify that put you in hustle mode.
  • Putting your alarm clock on the other side of your room so that you get up to wake up.
  • Letting go of a service that is profitable because you don’t like doing it anymore and it makes you hate your work.
  • Firing a client because their phone calls or text messages deflate your energy.
  • Loving that messy AF desk because the paper chaos makes you feel organized. (I know, it’s weird.)
  • Reading this or another blog post instead of cold calling that potential client.
  • Turning off your computer to watch some ratchetness on TV. (I won’t judge you. Actually I might.)

So let’s either agree or agree to disagree. Your work flow style only needs to make sense for you. It should not be up for debate on social media, meaning don’t engage others who want to tell you how to hustle.

Your work style is how you do what you do so you can do what you do with creativity, style, and magic. Honor your way and know that your style will help pave the way for others to respect their own personalized way of hustling.

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